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Welcome to APC Families

APC Families comprises parents and carers keen to contribute to the wellbeing of the school community and to encourage the participation of all parents in the life of the school and the education of their children. Our focus is on those things that support great schools, like the network of connections that embeds a school in its community. We want the school to be strongly supported by local businesses and local sporting clubs, local community organisations, local government, and of course, by parents, carers and families.

We will achieve our aims through organising initiatives that engage parents and the wider community with our school. Our initiatives will always be consistent with the school's values, will always be fun, and will often raise money for additional school resources.

As foundation families, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to create the school as we want it to be. Our children will see us live the school motto - lead, create, inspire. For more information or if you would like to be involved or hold an event (don't be shy!) please email enquiries to