A Leading School in Climate Action

A core value at Albert Park College is its commitment to the environment, creating innovative and positive change in decreasing the College's carbon footprint. Our state of the art campus buildings mirror this value with recycled building materials, sensor lighting, passive cross ventilation and data collection of energy and resource usage.

Our Goal

To become a regenerative, carbon negative, resource smart, zero waste school.

Our Vision

We will lead a movement of schools to create a sustainable future for all. We will embed respect for all life into everything we do as an organisation and a community. We are united in our dream of a sustainable world where everyone has access to clean energy, clean air, clean water and clean food. A world where biodiversity flourishes, equality and justice prevail, and sustainability is business as usual.

Smart use of finite resources

APC's policies ensure that resources entering the school adhere to sustainable and ethical guidelines featured in our Green Procurement Policy and Resource Transfer Policy. We are members of Sustainability Victoria's ResourceSmart Schools program, Schools Water Efficiency Program and utilise CarbonTRACK devices to monitor and take action on responsible use of our electricity consumption and generation.

The Key to Environmental Action

Albert Park College is committed to becoming one of the most environmentally friendly and aware schools in the country, achieved through the following:

  • APC Sustainability Subcommittee. A subcommittee of School Council which informs our vision and implements it through the Environment Action Plan.
  • Environment Team. A team of students passionate about environmental change who participate in weekly meetings, take on leadership roles and take action.
  • Environmental Education. Albert Park College’s curriculum reflects its commitment to developing students who are passionate and educated about sustainability and the climate crisis. The Da Vinci Project at our Year 9 campus is our flagship program taught at our Year 9 Environment Arts Hub, to empower students to devise and act on positive environmental solutions. Students also have the choice to study VCE Environmental Science.
  • Campus Design. Our learning spaces are abundant with plant life and our school grounds are overflowing with diversity of natural flora within a highly developed inner urban setting. Our Habitat Quality Assessment Scores from routine biodiversity audits are well above average and continue to improve through student action, worm farm systems and buildings featuring environmental minded state of the art systems.

The APC Sustainability Subcommittee

The Sustainability Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the APC school council, ensuring our school is an Australian frontrunner in climate action. It consists of elected representatives: students, teachers, parents and community members, who work together to reduce carbon emissions, and most importantly, implement long term systemic changes to make this school one that is carbon neutral and with your help, carbon negative.

The Environmental Action Plan

An Action Plan has been developed which ensures that we hit our environmental targets in all areas. It contains three main categories including education, resource reduction and carbon neutrality. From beating reduction targets to strengthening a culture of awareness around sustainability, members of the subcommittee are each part of a subgroup focused on one of our sustainability pillars in the action plan.

The Environment Team

Students are at the forefront of environmental actions at APC, embedding long lasting changes into how the college operates. Elected environmental student representatives lead a team of students, who meet weekly to plan to take actions they find important, including preparing Ride 2 School events, pushing for changes like implementing a new waste system, educating their peers at assemblies and running fun environmental activities at enviro clubs. The team is open to all students.

Our Achievements

  • 100% Green Energy Target achieved. Ensuring that all of Albert Park College’s electricity usage is derived from reusable energy APC is now powered 100% by green energy; making coal emissions a thing of the past.
  • Installation of CarbonTrack at the Danks St campus - monitoring our energy consumption and subsequent carbon emissions. We have achieved a 20% reduction in energy use in 2021.
  • Implementation of a highly effective Resource Recovery system. Albert Park College’s new waste system includes composting, soft plastics, paper/cardboard and commingled recycling to ensure waste production is kept to its bare minimum.
  • All School Camps are Carbon Offset. Transport can be a large contributor to emissions, therefore, all school trips will be carbon offset as of 2022.
  • Ongoing certification of Carbon Neutrality through Climate Action.
  • A founding member of a 3 way Wurra Wurra Sustainable Schools Alliance between Albert Park Kindergarten and Albert Park Primary School. Our focus is being the first group of carbon neutral certified education centres in the country A starting point will be sharing our solar capacity across the 3 educational sites.

Join the APC Sustainability Subcommittee

Are you passionate about carving APC’s sustainable future, whether you are a parent who shares an interest in taking action, you have skills in communications, or a student looking to take on a leadership opportunity? Whatever your skill set, applications for teachers, students, parents and community members for the Sustainability Subcommittee are now open.

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